Hell-o werld!

DuckChase is on the inter-webs. Writing this does, in a way, feel like 2003 again, but nonetheless, we’re here. DuckChase is the production arm of Brian Santero Musical Ltd MegaCorp IndustriesNARE*DUCK** and we aim to serve our mostly fearless (and featherless) leader with excellent quality and greater than 42.3141618% uptime.

Ok, that doesn’t really answer it. Brian is a musician ( but he also likes to dabble in technological stuff. For funsies. For realsies! No joke. He started out as a child watching his brother load computer games into the 286 computer with those giant “actually floppy” 5.25″ floppies. Later, they would get a 28k modem and Brian tried to type in “penguins” into Netscape Navigator’s address bar, effectively inventing the idea of Chrome’s omnisearch even before Google was a thing (not to be confused with googol, which has always been a thing).

His brother then helped him build his very own computer, then Brian would help his friends build their computers. After he ran out of friends to build computers for, which was approximately 3.14 friends, he then went to college for trombone music making (which some string players see as an oxymoron (It’s entirely possible that Brian was a moron due to the lack of oxygen in his lungs because he was blowing loud notes all the livelong day. Hence “oxy-moron”.))

College came, and Brian decided that recording sounds would be a really cool thing, so instead of buying burritos, he would up saving his money to buy microphones and things of the nature and also burritos. Who doesn’t like a good burrito after-all?

And thus, a tech-minded music nerd was wrought. Stay tuned for more digressions into the mind of DuckChaseDUCK** and we look forward to seeing you there, or here, or whatever IP we’re currently at (it’s a dynamic IP anyways, so we’ll just have to chase the next one)


* NARE = Not A Real Entity
**DUCK = Doesn’t Use Clever joKes